Release Notes

List of the changes applied to Loadkit after each update can be found below. This list gets updated every time a new version arrives.

Jan 2020

Version 3.5.2

  • Internal improvements.

May 2019

Version 3.5.1

  • Minor user interface improvements.
  • Fixed a crash which occured when resettings categories to default.
  • Fixed a crash which occured when choosing or resetting temporary folder.

Apr 2019

Version 3.4.1

  • Minor user interface improvements.
  • Fixed an issue caused the link to the downloaded file does not work.

Mar 2019

Version 3.2.2

  • Fixed an issue which caused the app to crash on Windows mobile.

Mar 2019

Version 3.2.1

  • Improved functionality of the scheduler.
  • Fixed size of the logo on small tile.

Dec 2017

Version 3.1.2

  • Brought back an option to import multiple links from clipboard
  • An issue that caused crash when restoring default settings for temporary folder
  • Pin icon in the in-app browser

Aug 2017

Version 3.1.1

  • Ability to calculate checksum of downloaded files

May 2017

Version 3.0.29

  • Fixed an issue related to resuming downloads when using the System engine
  • Fixed an issue caused the app UI does not update and become unresponsive

May 2017

Version 3.0.27

  • Fixed an issue with applying the "Maximum number of concurrent downloads" to the queue
  • Fixed the link to the browser integration section in settings

Apr 2017

Version 3.0.26

  • Fixed an issue with the input pane when using the in-app browser
  • Fixed some crash issues

Mar 2017

Version 3.0.22

  • Increased opacity of the progress bar
  • Fixed an issue in license validation process

Mar 2017

Version 3.0.19

  • Ability to select download engine for each download
  • Lock Screen notification
  • Toast notifications for scheduler
  • Ability to resize list of downloads horizontally (wide views)
  • Thumbnail image for unfinished downloads in the list
  • Temporary data are stored in download folder by default to avoid storage issues
  • "System" downloads are directly saved to the download folder to eliminate the "Completing..." process
  • Sequential execution of multiple completion processes to improve performance
  • Delay between each automatic retry of scheduler
  • Improvements in scheduler
  • Reduced loading time
  • UI and performance improvements
  • Improvements in UI responsiveness
  • A few bugs regarding to background downloading
  • An issue that caused download error (80131509)
  • "Cannot resume download" error (A0000001) when server returned a different value for LastModified header
  • Paused downloads (due to metered nework) did not resume after swithcing "Transfer on metered network" option on
  • UI issues when with text scaling

Oct 2016

Version 2.5.16

  • Help & User Manual (English)
  • Ability to cancel filter and selection mode with back/escape button
  • Incorrect download speed after resuming the app
  • Default http port number (80) where included in copied address
  • App failed to start due to weak internet connection

Aug 2016

Version 2.5.7

  • Progress is displayed in "Completing" process
  • Significant performance improvements in the "Completing" process
  • Improvements in accuracy of calculating download speed and remaining time
  • Improvements in translation
  • Problem in downloading from particular hosts
  • Irrelevant "Loaded" status for paused downloads, after switching back to the app
  • UI issues with high contrast theme
  • App crash when resuming the app
  • Problem in custom search engines (in-app browser)
  • Navigation issue when closing new opened tabs (in-app browser)
  • Scrolling problem in tabs menu (in-app browser)

Jul 2016

Version 2.4.7

  • "Max. number of concurrent downloads" in queue options also applies to manually started downloads
  • French translation
  • Imrpoved loading and resuming time
  • Improved scheduler (scheduler core is redesigned)
  • Performance and stability imrpovements
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Limited maximum number of concurrent downloads (app overall) to improve stability
  • Action Center Integration did not work properly if more than 5 queues exist
  • Inability to redownload missing parts ("The system cannot find the specified file" error)

Jul 2016

Version 2.3.7

  • Improved loading and resuming time
  • App crash in some circumstances
  • New windows were opened in default browser instead of the in-app browser

Jun 2016

Version 2.3.5

  • Download Action: Add downloads from Action Center without opening the app
  • "Started" and "Error" notifications in addition to the "Completed" notification
  • Improved stability of background downloading
  • "Completed" notification appears immediately after a download completes, even if the app is not running
  • Opened tabs get restored after unpexpected app termination (in-app browser)
  • Notifications always pop up, unless user is interacting with the downloads page
  • Minor UI improvements (in-app browser)
  • Background downloads stuck at 96%, required running the app to download the remaining
  • Changing temporary folder did not effect
  • Very tiny logo on small pinned tiles
  • Incorrect context menu position in non-default DPI on desktop (in-app browser)
  • Flicker when opening tabs menu (in-app browser)

Jun 2016

Version 2.2.3

  • Ability to pin transparent tile to Start
  • Ability to pin categories to Start
  • Ability to pin web pages to Start (in-app browser)
  • Ability to sharing web pages and links (in-app browser)
  • Shortcut keys for refresh-f5 and stop-esc (in-app browser)
  • URL is displayed at the bottom of the page when moving mouse over a link (in-app browser)
  • Full Screen feature is added for mobile (in-app browser)
  • Option to choose the primary button in the address bar (in-app browser)
  • Ability to set the app as default web protocol handler (browser/downloader) in desktop
  • Added title to dialogs
  • Status bar becomes hidden in landscape mode
  • The browser view becomes full-screen when an element (usually video playback) becomes full screen
  • Hamburger menu goes in overlay mode in the in-app browser
  • Increased stability of the in-app browser
  • More UI improvements
  • Error a0000080 when loading or resuming the app
  • Hamburger menu re-opened when selecting menu items quickly
  • Shortcut keys of a page was working even if a popup dialog is over it
  • App crash due to low memory when opening many tabs (in-app browser)
  • Tab items moved in wrong direction when attempting to use swipe-to-close feature in rtl layout (in-app browser)

Apr 2016

Version 2.1.2

  • "Update Address" feature to change broken address of a download
  • Chinese translation
  • Improved design of the logo
  • Creation time of downloads was displayed in UTC instead of local time
  • Fixed a few display issues with high contrast theme
  • Fixed an issue with switching app while a download is completing
  • Fixed a crash issue in the in-app browser

Mar 2016

Version 2.0.9

  • Master-Detail view for downloads (wide view)
  • Separated download page (narrow to medium view)
  • Simple view mode to view more downloads without scrolling
  • Ability to change save folder after adding a download
  • Russian and Turkish translation
  • Faster and more reliable downloads with new download engine
  • Two-step file storage to increase reliability
  • App bar and popup dialogs appear on different positions with different view sizes
  • Filter, Sort and Select buttons moved to app bar to be easier to work with in mobile devices
  • Loading and resuming time reduced a little bit
  • Action Center notifications are disabled when app is in foreground
  • Hamburger menu can be opened by less accurate swiping
  • App navigation is improved
  • More UI improvements
  • Resuming did not work properly for some users
  • Problem with downloading large (over 200MB) files
  • Fixed a few more bugs

Jan 2016

Version 1.8.9

  • Indonesian and Spanish translations
  • Ability to personalize accent color
  • Theme changes now apply immediately
  • Empty space in place of the hamburger menu in full screen mode of browser
  • Hamburger menu did not open sometimes
  • Fixed: Access denied error on attempt to download from private network
  • Fixed: Tab preview did not scale correctly

Dec 2015

Version 1.7.9

  • Ability to open and close the hamburger menu by swiping to right and left respectively
  • Ability to close tabs by swiping left (portrait view) or top (landscape view)
  • Added "Send to" menu item to send downloads to another queue directly from the downloads list
  • Added address bar to the blank page of the in-app browser
  • New logo
  • Queues are now update faster
  • Number of running downloads in a queue exceed the maximum limit
  • Start date in scheduler did not always work properly since the last update
  • List of browser search engines reset and did not preserve correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused app crash when opening a link in a new tab

Nov 2015

Version 1.6.3

  • Multi-Language base implemented, two languages so far
  • Queued downloads can be identified with "Queued" status
  • UI improvements
  • Navigation integrated with back button
  • Performance improvements
  • An issue that caused startup delay with slow internet connection

Nov 2015

Version 1.5.17

  • User Interface enhancement for mobile
  • Virtual Keyboard does not popup automatically anymore
  • Issue with synchronizing download progress when app is in background
  • Issue caused app crash when removing a queue

Nov 2015

Version 1.5.13

  • An option that allows user to use system default theme
  • User Interface enhancement for mobile
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing downloads to start on cellular (metered) network
  • Fixed a bug related to status bar
  • Fixed more bugs

Nov 2015

Version 1.5.11

  • Improved resuming time
  • User Interface enhancement for mobile
  • Fixed a bug caused displaying wrong progress info when downloading in background, implying that download does not work in background
  • Fixed mobile status bar problem (was not displayed properly)
  • Fixed a few bugs

Oct 2015

Version 1.5.4

  • "Add Download" dialog now shows whether the download supports resume or not
  • Link to system proxy settings in Network Settings pane
  • Progress percent now is displayed for stopped downloads
  • User Interface improvements/bug fixes
  • Fixed a crash issue when trying to open folder of a download with removed file